- See what makes Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal so special

See what makes Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal so special

He is one of the most popular Formula 1 race drivers and by being popular he has attracted attention of many fans from all around the world and it is not strange that they are interested in his personal life as well. So what is known about Mark Webber? Who is Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal?

Things to know about Mark Webber

Before we take a peek into Mark Webber personal life it would not harm to tell something about his professional life as well. Not many people know that his full name is Mark Alan Webber and that he was born on the 27th of August in 1979. In addition to his date of birth we should say that he is an Australian driver who moved to the UK not so long ago, namely in 1995 in pursuit of his Formula 1 career. His first team in Formula 1 was Minardi back in 2002 and it should be said that Jaguar followed and he stayed there for two years before joining the Williams team. Mark Webber was a part of Williams team for two years as well before he sighed with Red Bull Racing team in 2007. That means that Red Bull Racing team is his current team. In addition, it should be said that since 2009 Mark Webber was in the top ten Formula 1 drivers ending the season of 2010 and 2011 ranked at No.3. But let’s talk some more about Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal.

Personal life of Mark Webber

As it has been said before, Mark Webber moved from Australia to the UK in 1995. But most of the racers are trying really hard to keep their relationship a secret and away from the public. Is that the case with Mark Webber as well? Hardly! What might be the reason? Well, to start with Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal. This name might not be sound familiar to most of you but they do attract attention as a couple. The reason for this is not the fact that they are in a long term relationship that seems to be functioning perfectly. The reason is that Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal is much older than him, namely more than 10 years. However, it seems that their love story is a great one indeed.

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What is so special about their love story?

Mark Webber girlfriend Ann Neal also comes from Australia and she has also moved to the UK in pursuit of the career. Soon after she started working as a personal assistant to Mark Webber and that is how love happened. They seem to support each other a lot and it seems that their relationship is based on understanding and confidence which is very important. It is not known whether they are planning to get married.